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Antigen Instructions


1. To start, visit the link on the box. 

Alternatively, you can visit Register For Test. Here you will get the option to either download the convenient app or perform your test in the browser. 


2. Sign up to Create and Account

Enter your details into the form to sign up


3. Capture an image of your passport

Take a clear image of your passport in a well lit area. Make sure that the information you enter corresponds to the information on your passport, as this will be used to authenticate your test result and identity.

If you input your passport details incorrectly we cannot guarantee we will be able to amend your certificate in time for travel.


4. Activate the test 

Once you have signed up and logged in with the correct details, select ‘Take a test’ on the control panel and enter the Registration Number on your kit to activate your test.


5. Capture an image of the blank test strip 

Using the in-built camera featureTake an image of the blank, unused test strip. The test should be clean, unused and fully visible in a well lit area. 

6. Preparing for the test

Set up your test correctly by placing the buffer tube into the designated holder in the test kit box. Make sure this box is clearly visible and in frame when performing your test. 

Before starting the test, make sure that your device’s camera is clean and focused, and that yourself and your test kit are clearly visible in the video. Your device should have ample battery life and be firmly positioned or propped up in place on a flat surface to ensure it doesn’t move, slip or reposition itself to interrupt your recording. 


7. Performing the test

  • When you are properly positioned, click ‘start recording’ 

  • Perform your Covid-19 test by carefully following the instructions provided. 

  • When you are finished and have successfully recorded each step, press ‘stop' 

Your timer will then automatically start for 15 minutes, which is the time your test strip will take to provide the most accurate result. 


8. Submitting your result 

After 15 minutes, look at your test strip and capture the result using the built-in camera. The test strip and the result must be clearly visible and in a well lit area. And the RACOO reference number on display. 

After capturing the result, select whether the result is negative or positive. Be sure to select the correct result. 


9. What happens next? 

All done! Your information has been submitted to our checking team and you will be issued with a certificate upon correct completion. This will usually happen within 24 hours. The certificate will be emailed to the address associated with your account.

Antigen Support



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